Mina Young Pedersen (she/her)

alt. names Mina Young, Mina Young P., 楊明娜

I am a logician, philosopher, mathematician, hobby organist, esperantist and devoted backgammon player. I also occasionally write and translate texts about film or popular science.

My academic interests lie in the intersection of mathematics and philosophy: ranging from the philosophy of mathematics to logic and formal epistemology. Currently, I am doing a PhD in Information Science in the Logic & AI research group at the University of Bergen, where I use modal logic to research mathematical properties behind social phenomena such as social bots, echo chambers and group polarization. I am particularly interested in agents that act unexpectedly, or try to take advantage of the system for their own gain. You can read more about my PhD project here (English) or here (Norwegian).

(Photo credit: Nakul Heroor)
(Photo credit: Sebastian Guha Skjulhaug)

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Contact me at mina (dot) pedersen (at) uib (dot) no.

Last updated: 23. September, 2022.